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Deflating news: Metrodome roof will come down Jan. 18

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The future of the Metrodome and the Star Tribune headquarters, bottom left are taking shape this week. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Mortenson Construction has given a date for the start of demolition of the Metrodome -- and for the roof to come down.

Vice president John Wood said this morning that workers plan to cut off power to the building on Jan. 18.

"Once the power is turned off ... the first thing that will occur is that the roof will be deflated," Wood said.

It isn't clear how long it will take for the roof to come down. Metrodome facilities manager Steve Maki guessed that it might take half an hour, but he didn't know for sure how it will take for the Teflon and fiberglass to come down for the last time.

Wood said that plans now are for the roof fabric to be cut up into smaller pieces and possibly recycled. The steel cabling in the roof will also recycled.