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How Vikings tickets will work at the Gophers’ TCF Bank stadium

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TCF Bank Stadium
Here's what'll be waiting for Vikings fans when the team moves to TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota next season. This is a December photo of the stadium from Gopher Sports.

The Vikings are out explaining what's going on with their tickets. They had a Q&A out in Winter Park today, and here's what they had to say:

Q: What's the status of the tickets at TCF Bank Stadium?

A: All 52,000 seats have been offered to season ticket holders, who are weighing whether they want to re-up with the team at an outdoor venue. Once those offers have been accepted or turned down, tickets will be reallocated and the team should know if they have any single-game tickets available this summer.

Q: Do you have to buy Vikings tickets at TCF Bank Stadium to stay on the list to buy tickets for the 2016 season in the new stadium?

A: No. The team will be working off the 2013 season ticket list for the new stadium, although they say ticket holders that stick with the team at TCF will get priority among those 2013 ticket holders. "We fully understand there's a element of people that don't want to go outside," says team spokesman Jeff Anderson.

Q: What's with the prices? Why are some going up so much?

A: Vikings marketing vice president Steve LaCroix says there are 12,000 fewer seats in the transition. He said the Vikings aren't trying to make up all the revenue on the lost seats. "Most of those (seats) are going to be the upper level endzone in the dome, so everybody gets squeezed to the middle." Or, in other words, it's the cheap seats that got left behind. "It's really how the math works. You take out 12,000 seats, it wasn't 12,000 premium sideline seats. It was more the endzone and corners," LaCroix says. "There's a couple hundred accounts that are borderline, as far as taking a big jump, so on an account by account basis, we'll talk to them and find out if we can find a better solution for them."

Q: What about premium seating?

A: There are about 60 full season suites at the Metrodome, and about 38 at TCF Bank Stadium. The Vikings say there are only about a half-dozen suite holders in common. That said, the Gophers suite holders have a right of first refusal for the suites at TCF Bank Stadium, through Feb. 1. After that, the Vikings will know what kind of suite inventory they have available. The team is also considering a "seat back" rental program like the Gophers have. For a fee, fans can have a seat back fixed to their spot in the bench seating. LaCroix says that if you're lucky enough to share a seat with a Gopher fan that likes a seat back, you may get to share.

Q: When can fans find out about tickets at the new stadium?

A: The Vikings are planning to set up a sales center in the old Strutwear Building, known now as 1010 Metrodome. That is expected to open in mid-February, and fans will be able to figure out what will be available, in terms of tickets and personal seat licenses, at that time.