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Giant mobile crane goes up at Vikings stadium site

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The world's 3rd largest mobile crane is going up in the stadium bowl in Minneapolis. How big is it? Well, take a look at the hook. 

The crane first went up yesterday, as you might expect, veeeeerrrry slowly.

The Terex CC6800 started showing up last month. Here's what the MSFA has to say of the crane.

The CC6800 is one of the largest cranes in the world. When fully erect, it will stand almost 400 feet high, will be able to lift up to 1250 metric tons, and has over 1 million pounds counterweight. The CC6800 will be on the stadium site for approximately 15 months.

The crane will be going up and down for testing in the next few days. It will stand nearly 400 feet high when it is up all the way. It will be lifting two sections of the west column first: they way 280,000 and 400,000 pounds. A third section of the roof column, on the east end, will weigh 450,000 pounds.

Here's a time lapse as it went up the first time: