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Friday warm front; ice-out moves north

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“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” — Mark Twain

Spring can be the ficklest of seasons. Don't like the weather? Just wait 15 minutes.

Minnesota finally strings together two glorious days Friday and Saturday. A stronger sun and southerly winds help boost temperatures into the 60s Friday and 70s Saturday.

About time.

Friday warm front

Temperatures respond to bright sun Friday and Saturday. Highs Saturday reach the 70s across much of Minnesota. Bank thermometers in Canby and Marshall could flash 80 degrees Saturday afternoon.

4 18 MaxT3_minnesota
NOAA forecast highs for Saturday.

Right now Easter Sunday looks slightly cooler with a few spotty light showers possible. Temperatures bounce around in the 60s next week. Not bad.

4 18 2 ww
NOAA via Weather Bell.

Ice-out moves north

Ice is quickly leaving Minnesota lakes now. This week's heavy rain and wind did a number of stubborn ice cover on many lakes. Lake Minnetonka will likely be declared ice-free any day now. Many bays are now wide open. This live webcam on Harrisons Bay confirms wide open water.

The latest ice-out map from the Minnesota DNR confirms northward progress.

4 18 ice
Minnesota DNR

Enjoy the warmup!