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True spring: 60s ahead 7 of the next 10 days?

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NOAA via Weather Bell.

The weather maps have changed.

A more consistent springlike pattern is emerging over the next two weeks. The jet stream is likely to make the annual northward migration to a more consistent position in southern Canada over the next two weeks.

4 15 5008
NOAA upper air forecast for 7 pm CDT Monday April 29.

Back to the 60s

The northerly jet stream path opens the door to milder air masses spilling into the Upper Midwest. Combine fading snow cover with a higher sun angle and intensity equal to late August, and it can't stay cold for long.

Many models push high temperatures over much of Minnesota into the 60s, for seven of the next 10 days.

4 15 1 ww
NOAA via Weather Bell.

Tuesday's sunshine and warmth may renew your faith in spring. Saturday looks likely to bring the 70s into western Minnesota. A few models give the Twin Cities a shot at the 70s Saturday.

Wednesday soaker

Wednesday brings another inbound weather system.  The American and European models suggest most of the rain will fall Wednesday, with a few leftover showers and cooler breezes Thursday.

Here's the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Global Forecast System:

4 15 gg44
NOAA GFS model Wednesday and Thursday via tropical tidbits.

This one looks warm enough for rain. The latest model runs latch onto a faster system, which would produce a little less rainfall. That's a good thing on top of Minnesota's high rivers and saturated soils.

Rainfall between one-half and 1 inch is likely in many towns and fields, with some 1 inch-plus totals possible locally.

4 15 qq
NOAA GFS rainfall output through 7 pm CDT Thursday via pivotal weather.

Flood update

Rivers have been mercifully falling. Highway 41 reopening in the southwest metro is a positive development for commuters.

This week's rain will send rivers higher by next weekend, but not as high as previous crests.

4 15 hendy

Stay tuned.