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Starting Sunday, September 10, MPR News is introducing a new live, national call-in show from between the coasts and across the aisle, expanding perspectives about one another and what it means to be an American today.

Flyover from MPR News focuses on issues of American identity and the changing American dream as they are lived and experienced in the cities, towns and rural areas that lie beyond the media spotlights in New York, D.C. and L.A.

Award-winning MPR News host Kerri Miller hosted Indivisible, a national conversation about America in a time of change, on Thursdays for 14 weeks following the inauguration. WNYC, MPR News and The Economist joined forces to convene a nightly gathering for Americans to debate and find common ground in the first 100 days of the new administration. The limited-run show identified a deep need for people to talk through their differences and understand one another’s perspectives.

With Flyover from MPR News, we are continuing that conversation. Kerri grounds each week’s topic in a specific place, inviting a public radio journalist from a partner station to discuss how the week’s topic is playing out on the ground in the city where they live and work. Some of the nation’s top thinkers will join in to address the topic in a broader context. Throughout the show, Kerri will take calls and social media comments from listeners around the country for perspectives that transcend the daily news feed and root the topic in genuine experience.

These are candid conversations full of life experiences and viewpoints from people across the aisle and between the coasts. Flyover from MPR News provides a platform for listeners across the country to be heard, to contribute to the dialogue and help us all broaden our understanding of one another and bridge the divides we face as a nation. Beyond that, it is one of the first times a show will leverage the power of public radio stations all over the country to connect for a national broadcast.

Tune in and join the conversation on September 10th at 3pm.

About the Host:
Kerri Miller is host of MPR News with Kerri Miller and Talking Volumes, a live literary series. She was the political reporter for KARE 11 television in Minneapolis-St. Paul before coming to MPR in 2004.