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S1E11: Can America bridge its racial divide?

This week on Flyover, we'll discuss how we can have meaningful conversations about one of the nation's most polarizing issues: race.

One of our guests is Verna Meyers, an attorney, diversity and inclusion expert, and writer. One piece of hers is titled "What If I Say the Wrong Thing? 10 Tips for Culturally Effective People."

Here are a couple of the tips:

Get accustomed to making mistakes. It's inevitable once you operate outside your comfort zone. It's a good sign, actually. The most important thing is adopting the attitude that cultural competence is an important skill to have and you will do what it takes, including risking embarrassment, to keep moving forward.

Engage, rather than disengage. You might be tempted to withdraw from a relationship after putting your foot in your mouth. But try to see it as an opportunity to deepen the relationship, rather than a reason to abandon it.

"Bias" and "privilege" are mentioned a lot in American discourse, but when is the last time you had an in-depth discussion with a person of another race?

This week's guests:

Vernā Myers — Attorney, expert and consultant on diversity and inclusion, and author of "What If I Say the Wrong Thing?: 25 Habits for Culturally Effective People."

Brigitte Vittrup — Associate professor of child development at Texas Woman's University.

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