MPR News Digital Underwriting FAQ

The banners on MPR News are paid advertising provided by organizations wishing to support initiatives. The companies that provide financial support for do not have any control over, or involvement in, the MPR News editorial process. You can read more about our ethics guidelines here.

Public radio differs from commercial radio in several ways:

  • Public radio is nonprofit.

  • Public radio produces and distributes primarily educational, cultural and informational programs.

  • Public radio may accept gifts, grants, donations and contributions for the production, acquisition and broadcast of those programs.

Digital sponsorship messages may include:

  • Non-promotional descriptions of the organization and its products or services.

  • Language that describes a quality or feature of a product or service in qualitative terms, provided it is not overly promotional, is true and accurate.

  • Availability of a discount or special offer.

  • Reference to trials or products that are free.

  • Language directing the user to the sponsor’s website or another source for more information, to redeem a discount or offer or to purchase an item.

  • Tracking language such as “promo code MPR,” “offer code MPR” and “coupon code MPR.”

Digital sponsorship messages (display or audio) should not include:

  • Specific product or service pricing.

  • Comparative language that makes reference to, or denigrates, a competitor.

  • Language that expresses views on an issue of public importance or controversy.

  • Promotional language for prescription drug products or FDA-regulated medical devices.

  • Clinical test claims or similar claims.

  • Language that implies an MPR News endorsement or testimonial.

  • Language or design attributes that mimic editorial content.

  • Animation or visuals that are overly intrusive or commercial in style.

For more details on sponsorship opportunities in the Twin Cities metro area or greater Minnesota, contact us using this form.

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