APM Reports documentary, 'Under Pressure: Inside the college mental health crisis'

Under Pressure
Under Pressure
Rachel Sender for APM Reports

APM Reports documentary:

Listen: Under Pressure: Inside the college mental health crisis

Even before the pandemic, campus counselling services were reporting a marked uptick in the number of students with anxiety, clinical depression and other serious psychiatric problems. A 2019 survey found that 66 percent of college students felt overwhelming anxiety during the last year. Almost half felt so depressed that it was difficult to function. Some 13 percent seriously considered suicide.

Students and parents are pressing colleges to provide more support and accommodations for students with mental health challenges. College administrators are feeling pressure to do more to retain students whose mental health issues might otherwise lead them to drop out – and to ensure that students don’t harm themselves or others.

This collaboration between APM Reports and the Call to Mind project asks: What is a college’s responsibility for helping students navigate mental health challenges, and how well are colleges rising to the task?

Listen to it here.

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