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Victoria, Minn., teen has a packed schedule — including owning a dog treat business

a girl and her dogs
Fourteen-year-old Sadie Husted and her dogs Sparkle and Tucker. Sadie is the owner of Wiggly Butt, a dog treats and dog-friendly apparel company she started during the pandemic.
Lindsay Guentzel | MPR News

Tuesday was Sadie Husted's 14th birthday. Early Tuesday, the Victoria, Minn., teen joined her dad for their annual trip to Casey's for her favorite maple-glazed donuts. And after school, she has a loaded schedule of volleyball practice and musical rehearsal before calling it a day around 10 p.m.

Packed into that very busy schedule, Husted is also — somehow — a business owner. She sells dog treats and dog-friendly merchandise through her company, Wiggly Butt.

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