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The Homelessness Crisis & Mental Health

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The Homelessness Crisis & Mental Health
Rachel Sender for Call to Mind

Homelessness in the United States reached a record high in 2023. On any given night, more than 650,000 people experience homelessness.

People living homeless have higher rates of untreated mental illnesses and substance use disorders than the general population. That can make it difficult to find a permanent place to live.

This program will take you to the streets of New York City to hear directly from people who have lived homeless about what they needed most. You’ll also hear from experts who say the best mental health care for people living homeless is no-strings-attached housing. 

Join Call to Mind host Kimberly Adams for The Homelessness Crisis & Mental Health, a one-hour broadcast special.

Useful resources

This organization works to end homelessness through supporting low-income and unhoused people find affordable stable housing and become advocates for ending the factors causing homelessness.  

Breaking Ground  
A New York nonprofit providing support and resources for affordable housing, mental and physical healthcare, and benefits.  

Catholic Charities USA  
Founded over a century ago on the belief of the collective efforts of the church, this nonprofit serves people experiencing poverty across the nation through advocacy and disaster relief efforts.  

CUCS: Center for Urban Community Services
Center for Urban Community Services provides integrated programs that link housing, health, and social services for New York City's most vulnerable people.

Coalition for the Homeless  
Through a range of services and resources, Coalition for the Homeless, a nonprofit, supports those experiencing being unhoused in NYC to reduce the homelessness population and prevent homelessness for those most at risk.  

Covenant House  
This nonprofit organization supports youth experiencing homelessness or survivors of human trafficking through immediate and long-term services with their 24/7 services.  

Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition 
This coalition is a network of local, state, and national organizations that support recovery efforts after disasters. They do this through hands on experience and education.  

Family Promise  
This nonprofit serves families experiencing homelessness to achieve stable independence through a community approach of resources and services.  

Fountain House  
This is a nonprofit serving the nation that supports those impacted by mental illness through offering community, opportunity, housing, and other resources.  

Habitat for Humanity 
This nonprofit organization supports communities after natural disasters and conflicts by providing emergency supplies in the immediate. They also help families and individuals move towards recovery and stability through their Pathways to Permanence housing strategy.  

Harvest Home   
This nonprofit organization serves pregnant women and their children by providing housing resources and other services to support them in motherhood.  

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans  
This organization is committed to ending veteran homelessness around the nation through policy, services, accountability and helpline support.  

National Runaway Safeline  
For 50 years, this organization has been serving youth and their families through their crisis helpline ensuring that youth that are experiencing homelessness or running away have a safe place. 

National Alliance to End Homelessness 
This nonprofit organization advocates for legislation that supports those experiencing homelessness, researches the topic, and supports communities working towards implementing services to address homelessness. 

Pathways Housing First Institute 
This organization provides teaching, research, and implementation support for the Housing First Model. Housing First prioritizes getting those experiencing homelessness into permanent housing for stability before addressing other needs.  

This nonprofit believes everyone should have a safe place to call home after a disaster or conflict. Through providing emergency disaster relief through supplies, resources and shelter, Shelterbox supports families as they recover.  

StandUp for Kids  
This nonprofit serves at-risk or homeless youth around the nation through supporting them to feel empowered through counseling, mentoring, and life-skills training.