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Birth & Depression: The Unspoken Conversation

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Birth & Depression: The Unspoken Conversation
Rachel Sender for Call to Mind

Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are the most common complications during and after pregnancy, yet 75 percent of postpartum problems go untreated. The consequences can be devastating. Suicide and overdoses are leading causes of maternal death in the United States.

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the first-ever pill specifically aimed at postpartum depression, but most health plans don’t cover the medication. 

This special program looks at the under-recognized public health issue of postpartum depression and the challenge of treatment. We’ll hear first-hand from people who have experienced it. 

Join Call to Mind host Kimberly Adams for Birth & Depression: The Unspoken Conversation a one-hour broadcast special. 

Useful resources

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential phone & text crisis support. Call or text 988 to get started.    

Generation Her  
This Southern California nonprofit strives to empower teenage mothers and their children through community support and teaching life skills. 

Moms Matter Now  
Started by two moms, this organization strives to empower, educate, and support women during pregnancy to early motherhood. 

March of Dimes 
This nonprofit organization funds research, provides programs and education, and advocates for health equity to create a world of healthy families, parents, and children. 

Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance 
A nonprofit organization focused on improving the mental health of mothers and childbearing people in the United States through addressing national policy and health equity. 

National Birth Equity Collaborative (NBEC)  
Working alongside communities and providers, this organization addresses maternal health inequities for Black women and birthing people.  

National Maternal Mental Health Hotline 
This hotline is available 24/7 and provides free, confidential, culturally sensitive support over phone or text before, during, and after pregnancy. Their counselors speak English and Spanish, as well as having interpreters in 60 languages.  

Postpartum Resource Center of New York, Inc.   
A New York nonprofit organization offering support for and information about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. 

Postpartum Support Center  
They aim to help expectant and new parents navigate the perinatal period through reducing stress and building support systems, especially when faced with barriers to mental health treatment.  

Postpartum Support International  
This organization provides information on what postpartum mental health conditions are, treatment, therapy and provider resources, and how you can support a loved one. View their specific state chapters as well.  
They offer support and resources for women and loved ones affected by postpartum depression.  

Redleaf Center for Family Healing 
Twin Cities based, this organization focuses on multi-generational mental health, parenting, and mind-body-spirit support during pregnancy and the parenting of young children. 

Roots Community Birth Center 
A Minneapolis center that makes out-of-hospital birth accessible and welcoming for all families.  

Saving Mothers  
This organization is dedicated to ending preventable maternal deaths and birth-related complications in communities around the world facing a lack of resources. 

The Alexis Joy D’Achille Foundation  
This nonprofit foundation serves to help women and families who are facing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders through raising awareness of the warning signs of postpartum depression. 

The Emily Cook Dyches Memorial Foundation  
A foundation in memorial for a mother who faced postpartum anxiety and depression, they raise awareness and coordinate resources for maternal mental health. 

The International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health  
Formed in 1980, this international society works to understand, prevent and treat mental illness related to childbearing. They promote, facilitate, and share research about all aspects of the mental health of women, their infants and partners around the time of childbirth. 

The National Child & Maternal Health Education Program 
Their initiative Moms' Mental Health Matters focuses on educating consumers and health care providers about who is at risk for and the possible signs of depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy. They also offer insight into resources to get help.  

UNC Center for Women’s Mood Disorders 
A world-renowned center located at University of North Caroline Chapel Hill offering clinical care, research, training for clinicians, and advocacy in women’s reproductive mood disorders.

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