What's on the radio: Monday, Nov. 28

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9 a.m. — MPR News with Angela Davis

Stressed about money this holiday season? It doesn't have to be so expensive

The holiday season is here! And it can be an expensive time of year. There are presents to buy, loved ones to visit, big meals to prepare and holiday events to attend. And this year, holiday travel prices are up. Meanwhile, the cost of just about everything else is high due to inflation.

But the holidays don’t have to be so expensive. Coming up at 9 a.m. on Monday, MPR News host Angela Davis talks with two financial experts about the importance of frugality and how to practice mindful spending.

And we want to hear from you: What are your creative ideas and tips for saving money during the holidays? How do you practice mindful spending? And what questions do you have for our experts about saving money this holiday season?

Call us at 651-227-6000 or 800-242-2828 during the 9 a.m. hour. Or you can tweet @AngelaDavisMPR.


  • Chris Farrell is the senior economics contributor for MPR News.

  • Jennifer Garbow is an educator with the University of Minnesota Extension Center for Family Development in Duluth.

10 a.m. — 1A with Jenn White

Getting to the heart of the story, together

Navigating the news nowadays is a journey. 1A is your guide. With your help, we look beyond the headlines. Through your stories we can better explain complicated issues. On 1A, we celebrate your freedom to listen by getting to the heart of the story, together.

11 a.m. — 1A with Jenn White

A special report from Texas, ground zero in the battle for transgender rights

More anti trans bills are being worked on as Texas prepares for its new legislative session that starts in January. Some parents of trans kids have already left the state following a push from local lawmakers to charge them with child abuse. But others aren't going anywhere.

Noon — Minnesota Now

Monday on Minnesota Now, Cathy interviews Stephanie Hansen, author of the “True North Cabin Cookbook.” We talk with Minnesota-based producer Katie Thornton about a new series from "On The Media" exploring the pervasiveness and influence of conservative talk radio. And we meet John deCausmeaker, the Japanese-born, Moorhead-raised national anthem singer for the Minnesota Wild.