What's on the radio: Monday, September 25

Here’s the MPR News programming plan for Monday, September 25, on the radio and on the stream. Missed a live show? Follow the links below to find our show archives and podcast feeds. And for daily news updates straight to your inbox every weekday morning, sign up for the MPR News a.m. newsletter.

9 a.m. — MPR News with Angela Davis

Join MPR News host Angela Davis for engaging conversations about life in Minnesota and how our state is changing, weekdays at 9 a.m.

10 a.m. — 1A with Jenn White

An optimistic case for social media’s future

Taylor Lorenz has covered internet culture for years. She’s also been subject to much of its abuse. Her new book makes a forceful argument that internet culture is culture.  And Taylor Lorenz thinks there are good reasons to be more optimistic about social media’s next chapter.

11 a.m. — 1A with Jenn White

Why Rome and the Republic are a TikTok hit

Can the measure of man really be based on ancient Rome? It has been said before, apart from medicine, irrigation, health, roads, cheese and education, baths and the Circus Maximus -  “What has the Holy Roman Empire ever done for us?” Next time, 1A asks why a TikTok meme has left so many asking why Rome and the Republic still resonate?

Noon — Minnesota Now

Monday on Minnesota Now, we’re following all the regional news and weather. We’ll check in with a Ukrainian family displaced by the war, now more relatives will join them in Minnesota. We’ll learn about a ballet program for boomers, people over age 55, who want to take the leap. Plus, a conversation about Indigenous representation on TV with actors from the hit show “Reservation Dogs.”