Robert Boos

Robert Boos is an online news editor for MPR News. Robert favors extremes, and that's what influenced him to move to the Twin Cities from Arizona where he grew up and never experienced a "real" winter in his life. A journogeek, Robert worked at The Arizona Republic newspaper and taught online journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism Communication at Arizona State University. He has a master's in geographic information science and a bachelor's degree in journalism from ASU. He hates the word "No." He loves world travel, SCUBA diving, mountain biking, desert hiking, GPS, GIS, road trips, backpacking, technology, spicy food, MPR, PBS, foreign films, new places, the Sonoran sun, the Mexican moon, ocean waves, fútbol, walking dogs, anything death-defying, deadlines, working hard, staying up too late, getting up too early, and good, strong coffee.