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A modest proposal: One metro paper instead of two

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The Star Tribune
Headquarters of the Star Tribune newspaper in downtown Minneapolis.
MPR Photo/Rick Foy

There's been a lot of woe and handwringing for months now about the turmoil in the newspaper business. And it continues, with buyouts and layoffs in the newsrooms of both Twin Cities dailies.  

With the stuiation in flux, it's still too early to see how it will all shake out for the future of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis and the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  

One scenario has David Brauer sanguine about the future. Brauer, a freelance journalist in the Twin Cities, suggests that the Twin Cities would be better off with just one daily paper. 

Brauer writes about that scenario in this month's Minnesota Monthly magazine, and MPR's Tom Crann asked him to explain why one paper might be better than two.