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Songs from Scratch: What's this all about?

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Roe Family Singers
Kim and Quillan Roe of the Roe Family Singers are participating in Minnesota Public Radio's Songs from Scratch songwriting project.
Courtesy of the Roe Family Singers

Minnesota Public Radio has a new project that explores the creative process, and you have a chance to participate.

We want to find out what happens when you ask a bunch of people to each compose a song using the same lyrics. We're calling it "Songs from Scratch."

We asked poet Stephen Burt to provide the lyrics. Then, we asked some professional musicians to write a song based on those lyrics. The Owls, Matt Wilson, and the Roe Family Singers are all contributing a song.

We'd also like to hear your songs. MPR's Cathy Wurzer talked with two of the project producers, Larissa Anderson and Sanden Totten, about how it will work.