MnDOT sued over contract to replace 35W bridge

The lawsuit was filed in Ramsey County District Court by Scott Saver and Wendell Phillippi. They hope to stop MnDOT from going ahead with the I-35W bridge reconstruction.

The lawsuit also requests that MnDOT void its contract with the joint team of Flatiron/Manson.

The lawsuit claims the contract is illegal and harms taxpayers, because the Flatiron bid is more expensive and has the longest construction time over the three losing bidders.

The attorney representing the two plaintiffs also represented two of the losing contractors in a protest of the bid selection to the Minnesota Department of Administration. That state agency said MnDOT's selection process was fair.

MnDOT has signed a $234 million contract with Flatiron to rebuild the concrete bridge. The company can earn up to $27 million in incentives if it finishes before the Dec. 24, 2008 deadline.

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