Stolen blood bank laptop had 268,000 Social Security numbers

A Twin Cities blood bank says a laptop computer with 268,000 names and Social Security numbers has been stolen.

Memorial Blood Centers said Wednesday it has begun notifying blood donors of the theft, but they should monitor their financial accounts as a precaution. The laptop computer was taken on Nov. 28 in downtown Minneapolis during preparations for a blood drive.

The theft was captured on building security cameras. Memorial Blood Centers said it is working with police to get the laptop back.

The nonprofit blood center said the information is protected by multiple passwords, and does not contain medical information. CEO Don Berglund said it appears the theft was random.

Spokeswoman Laura Kaplan said they need the Social Security numbers to verify that donors are eligible to give blood. She said the laptop was in a briefcase when it was taken.

Memorial Blood Centers operates nine donor centers in Minnesota and one in Superior, Wisconsin.

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