Police Chief Dolan presents new diversity plan

Chief Dolan
Minneapolis police chief Tim Dolan talks to reporters after the Minneapolis City Council approved his appointment as chief.
MPR Photo/Brandt Williams

Minneapolis police officials presented the department's diversity plan to members of the city council this Wednesday afternoon.

Last week the department and Police Chief Tim Dolan were sued by five black officers who claim they were denied opportunities to advance because of their race. Dolan has denied that he discriminated against the men.

Wednesday Dolan told councilmembers that Minneapolis has the most diverse police force in the state.

But Ralph Remington - the only councilmember to vote against Dolan's appointment - wasn't impressed with that statement.

"Well, we should be. We're the most diverse city in the state," Remington argues. "If we weren't the most diverse police force in the state then, we'd be in trouble because the state is largely a white state. So, we have to look at those things, we can't -- because that sounds like spin."

Dolan says the police department is at its highest diversity levels in the department's history with 30 percent of new hires and 18 percent of the city's 857 sworn officers persons of color.

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