Landfall named one of the best communities for young people

Seven hundred people live in Landfall, Minn., a mobile home park in Washington County. But it's also a place where low-income children flock to after-school programs and tutoring.

Tom Yuska s a community organizer with the group FamilyMeans. His agency gets kids involved in activities ranging from bike repair to karate. He said today's award will be a source of pride for the entire city.

"Often mobile home communities aren't looked as in the best light, and I think this will show that folks here can work together, and their families and the city council and parents want the kids to do well," said Yuska.

Landfall Mayor Greg Feldebrugge is in Washington D.C. today to accept the award.

America's Promise Alliance is also recognizing the Minnesota communities of St. Paul, St. Louis Park, Mankato and Northfield.

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