May celebration to launch sesquicentennial events


Statehood week is a kickoff to a whole summer of events for the sesquicentennial celebration. Tje week long celebration will last from May 11th through the 18th.

Jane Leonard, the Executive Director of the Minnesota Sesquicentennial Commission, introduced what she called the "Sesquicentennial Pledge" today.

"It's to really encourage Minnesotans to look at our past, reflect on our past and the lessons from past, and to use that to plan ahead for the future," Leonard said.

Statehood week will mark the beginning of more than 400 events throughout the summer and into the fall all over Minnesota.

Five cities during this week will also have a day to be the "honorary sesquicentennial capital." The events will end Sunday,

May 18th with an official statehood commemorative ceremony.

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