Paulsen House campaign boasts big donations

Erik Paulsen
State Rep. Erik Paulsen is vying for Congressman Jim Ramstad's seat.
MPR Photo/Jessica Mador

Republican 3rd District Congressional candidate Erik Paulsen says his fundraising has topped the $1 million mark.

Paulsen is running for the seat held by retiring Republican Rep. Jim Ramstad.

Paulson said he raised more than $600,000 between the beginning of April and the end of June. He expects to pull in as much as $3 million for his campaign, and says he'll need to spend it all.

Ashwin Madia
Ashwan Madia addresses the delegates at the 3rd District DFL convention, after the assembly endorsed him for the Congressional race.
MPR Photo/Curtis Gilbert

"It's broadcasting on television on radio, and getting our message out to voters in the grassroots format of lawn signs and mailings and brochures. You know, there's a lot of components that go into campaigns these days," Paulson said.

Paulsen's DFL opponent Ashwin Madia's campaign says it will release its second quarter fundraising totals next Monday, a day before the filing deadline.

Madia, who won a tough battle for the DFL endorsement, had about half as much money as Paulsen going into the second quarter.

3rd Congressional District Independence Party candidate David Dillon said he raised a little less than $50,000 during April, May and June.