Bloomberg withholds presidential endorsement

Michael Bloomberg
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in Minneapolis today. He spoke at an Independence Party event on Nicolet Island.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is urging independent voters in Minnesota and across the country to demand thorough answers from the two major presidential candidates.

But Bloomberg isn't saying who they should vote for. Bloomberg, who considered an independent bid for president earlier this year, was in Minneapolis this morning for an Independence Party of Minnesota fundraiser.

He told the invitation-only gathering that independents need to vote as a bloc to inject their values into government. But Bloomberg didn't recommend that strategy for the presidential race.

"I think independents should vote for whichever of the two major candidates that they think will do the best job. They don't want to waste their vote, but independents as a bloc should demand answers, and that's what this is all about," said Bloomberg.

Bloomberg offered similar praise to Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain, saying both are capable of acting independently. He said he's not sure when or if he'll endorse either candidate.