Constituents converge on Klobuchar's office to talk health care

Groups with opposing views on health care reform converged on Sen. Amy Klobuchar's office in Minneapolis Friday morning.

Most of the demonstrators who came downtown this morning to meet with Klobuchar's staff are opposed to the current health care reform proposals.

Reporters were not allowed into the meeting, but some of the participants left with signs opposing 'Obama care' and 'socialism.'

A smaller group of people in favor of a single-payer health care system gathered outside the senator's office and sang a song calling for Medicare for all Americans.

Zach Rodvold, Klobuchar's state director, said staff have heard a wide variety of views on health care reform.

"It's been civil and it's been, I think, actually a good dialogue with constituents here," he said.

Rodvold says staff members are passing along the feedback they're getting to the senator, but he wouldn't say whether Klobuchar's office is hearing more from critics or supporters of health care reform.

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