Quotes on climate change from GOP candidates

"There's a lot of questions about the data, about how much. First of all, whether we are warming any more, and then what is the cause of that."

- Pat Anderson, Dellwood


"Climate has been changing long before we got here and it will be changing long after we're gone."

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- Tom Emmer, Delano


"I have a lot of concerns about the research and conflicting reports of whether we have it or not. And I think until we get a definite answer of what's going from credible sources we need to kind of hold back and not pass stuff that's going to be detrimental to our state that we didn't have to do."

- Bill Hass, Champlin


"I've not been persuaded that to the extent that there is change in the climate, and there is change, that it's due to human activity."

- David Hann, Eden Prairie


"There's one thing sure. The climate will change. It's been going on since time began."

- Phil Herwig, Milaca


"I am the number one global warming denier in Minnesota. I have spent seven years studying 13 disciplines of science to know that I know the right answers on this."

- Michael Jungbauer, East Bethel


"I don't think the science is settled at all. And I think people are getting ahead of themselves. There clearly is climate change, there has been forever. How much of it is man made? I think that debate is still completely wide open. And I think we need to be cautious about getting out ahead of a debate like that."

- Paul Kohls, Victoria


"I mean the weather changes certainly. But at the end of the day I don't believe that there's this man made global warming that's destroying the planet and the like."

- Marty Seifert, Marshall


"Well, I'm not going to argue the scientific data. Over 90 percent of the scientists, credible scientists internationally, have already said that global warming is a problem, and it part of the contribution to it is man made. So, it's not for me to go there and argue."

- Leslie Davis, Minneapolis