Review says more Minnesota families still struggling with housing costs

A review of various economic measures by the non-profit Minnesota Housing Partnership indicates more Minnesotans are having trouble paying for housing.

The non-profit Minnesota Housing Partnership looked at a variety of measures to take a snapshot of the state's housing picture.

They found that the percentage of homeowners behind on their mortgage payments continued to rise during the second quarter of the year, and 24 percent of renters were behind on their rent during the same period, up from 18 percent six months before.

Researcher Leigh Rosenberg said the numbers clearly show the impact of the ongoing recession.

"A lot of families are really struggling to retain housing and to afford the housing that they do have when it competes with other needs," Rosenberg said. "There can be a real struggle for families when there is a choice between do I pay my rent or do I buy more food this month."

She said continued job loss and high unemployment are also fueling an increase in the number of homeless families in the Twin Cities.

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