St. Paul offers no-interest loans for energy-saving home improvements

The city of St Paul is offering no-interest loans of up to $6,500 for homeowners to make energy-saving improvements to their properties.

The $550,000 in federal stimulus funding also includes rebates for landlords who replace old inefficient refrigerators in their rental units with new Energy Star refrigerators.

Anne Hunt, energy policy director for the city of St. Paul, says homeowners can use the no-interest loans for things like furnace replacement, insulation and air sealing.

"We are gearing towards people that are modest-income people that are above, say, the [federal] weatherization programs -- they are not eligible to get free weatherization -- for their homes so they need something that's attractive for them to make the investments in their homes," Hunt said. "But there is no income cap on it."

Individuals will be randomly selected. Applications must be postmarked by June 11.