Art Hounds: chamber music, aesthetic apparatus, Jose James

This week's hounds endorse a chamber music jamboree in the north woods, a display of internationally-acclaimed hand-printed posters, and a buzzed-about jazz crooner from Minneapolis.

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If you're an amateur chamber musician, where can you go to find like-minded practitioners and some tips on how to play better? How about the North Shore? Duluth composer Robert Linnemann says the Woodland Chamber Music Workshop, taking place in Tofte through June 27, welcomes chamber musicians of all ages and skill levels, with coaching from the Gichigami Trio. The Trio will also perform a free concert open to the public tomorrow at 7pm at the Surfside Resort. The workshop is full for this year, but maybe next summer?

If you're looking for the future of jazz, Pillsbury House Theatre Co-Artistic Producing Director Faye Price says cast your gaze on Minneapolis native and South High alum José James. James, who now resides in Brooklyn, has made an exceedingly favorable impression on jazz critics around the globe, and Faye says he has a magnetic, almost hypnotic presence on stage. James has put out a new CD of standards called "For All We Know," and he'll be dipping heavily into that at his Dakota Bar and Grill gig tonight.

Artist and writer Andy Sturdevant was wowed by the latest MCAD show, "AAXI: A Decade of Aesthetic Apparatus, One Year Late." It features the internationally acclaimed hand-printed posters of the Minneapolis design duo Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewski, who together make up Aesthetic Apparatus. Andy says the posters blend elements from the last 70 years of design, and the show also displays the tools Ibarra and Byzewski employ in their work. The exhibition is up until June 27 so you have one weekend left to see it.

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