Lawsuit filed to loosen Minn.'s campaign finance laws

Three corporations have filed a lawsuit aimed at loosening Minnesota's campaign spending laws.

Coastal Travel Enterprises, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life and the Taxpayers league of Minnesota want the ability to use their general fund treasuries -- rather than political funds -- to make independent expenditures on behalf of candidates.

The lawsuit, filed this week in federal district court, said the groups want to specifically buy ads advocating for Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Joe LaRue, an attorney who represents the three corporations, said they also want to make contributions to candidates.

"They're not for special high contribution limits," LaRue said. "They just want to be able to do it the same way every other person who participates in Minnesota politics can do it."

LaRue said the lawsuit was filed because Minnesota lawmakers did not sufficiently change state campaign laws to comply with earlier court rulings.

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