U of M officially drops lawsuit against Central Corridor light rail

Washington Avenue
Washington Avenue on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis is where the proposed Central Corridor light rail line would run. Nils Hasselmo Hall in the background houses one of the sensitive labs that are of concern by the U of M.
MPR Photo/Steve Mullis

The University of Minnesota board of regents has voted to drop a lawsuit that was a major obstacle for the proposed Central Corridor light rail project.

The board Wednesday unanimously approved the construction of the rail line through the university's Minneapolis campus. The panel also gave a green light to the Metropolitan Council's efforts to mitigate any damage to university laboratories or equipment during construction and operation of the line.

University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks says the agreement is good for both the university and the Met Council.

"I feel this agreement meets all of our goals and yet it is an agreement that enables the Metroplitan Council to effectively operate the LRT," he said.

The university's lawsuit was considered a major obstacle that could have kept the Central Corridor project from securing $460 million dollars in matching federal transportation funds.

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