Notes in the Margins: Raises, UMore, neighborhood relations and nursing

An Argument Against Taking (and Retaking) the SAT and ACT A longtime counselor seeks to put the rest the "myth,'' as he calls it, that top colleges prefer an SAT score to an ACT score. (

Police deploy bomb squad for suspicious box near U campus Police closed University Avenue for roughly three hours Saturday after University of Minnesota students found a suspicious-looking package at a bus shelter. Block-long lines of cars avoiding the closed road clogged side streets off University Avenue as the police turned away countless vehicles attempting to drive through the closed area. (

Amid Endowment Bust, Yale's Money Managers Got Booming Raises In the 2008-9 fiscal year, Yale University's endowment took it on the chin, losing 29 percent of its value. But the money managers who oversaw Yale's investments during that tumultuous year, when nearly all endowments got clobbered, were rewarded with lavish raises. (

A “more proactive” approach to foster better student-neighbor relations The University of St. Thomas and a neighborhood group are launching a plan to encourage better student-neighbor relations. (

On Campus and Online, Students Lose Weight for Credit If you ask health educators, colleges have a unique opportunity and a responsibility to instill healthful habits. Some are offering courses to do just that. (

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Northwestern Makes a Case for Giving: to Improve College Rankings The No. 12-ranked university appealed to alumni's pride by asking them to donate to improve their alma mater's standing on a "U.S. News" list. (

Many questions remain with UMore development plan The Rosemount Town Pages is doing a three-part series on the project. The first story focuses on the environmental assessment and cleanup. The second story discusses concerns with the mining and addition of up to 30,000 people in the area. The third story looks at what’s to come. (

No Guarantees for a Nurse Although my major in nursing prepares me for a specific career after graduation, the difficulty in finding a desirable job as an R.N. is just the same for me as it is for any other frightened new graduate. (Speakeasy - Wall Street Journal)

Student loan debt exceeds credit card debt in USA Total student loan debt exceeds total credit card debt in this country, with $850 billion outstanding. (USA Today)

UMR reaches turning point in downtown campus planning By design, UMR is not going to build all of the traditional buildings necessary for university operations, but will instead outsource a number of them. (

Mac enacts new smoking rules Macalester students, faculty and staff are no longer allowed to use tobacco within 25 feet of campus buildings. (

A Social-Media Blackout at Harrisburg U. The Pennsylvania institution will block Facebook, Twitter, AOL Instant Messenger, and MySpace on the campus network for a week. Faculty and staff members will be affected as well as students. (