Notes in the Margins: Tommie-Johnnie tees, terrorism and transgender athletes

Sexual Violence Survey The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Sexual Violence Policy will be reviewed in Spring 2011, and the Minnesota State University Student Association would like to research how the policy affects students. Students are encouraged to fill out a survey. (

College student tackles suspect in Alexandria police pursuit A police chase ends when a bystander -- a law enforcement student at Alexandria Tech -- tackles the suspect. (

Families are trimming plans to pay for college American families are scaling back plans to pay for their children's college education as the stunted economic recovery continues to weigh on household budgets, according to a survey to be released today that was commissioned by college lender Sallie Mae. (The Washington Post)

Tyler Clementi's Suicide Resonates On Campus, Beyond Just as the murder of Matthew Shepard galvanized the gay community around hate-crime legislation more than a decade ago, the suicide of a Rutgers University student whose sex life was splashed on the Internet has activists rallying around their latest cause: telling tormented gay teens they just need to hang on for a while, that they'll live through it. (Huffington Post)

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SLIDESHOW: Although banned, T-shirts and party buses still show up in Collegeville Even after the bans on party buses and inappropriate T-shirts at the Tommie-Johnnie football game, some students still rode party buses at least part of the way to the game, and some students snuck forbidden T-shirts into the stadium. (

Mid-Atlantic Christian University Shooting Leaves One Dead A shooting Sunday afternoon at the Mid-Atlantic Christian University, formerly Roanoke Bible College, left a student dead. (Huffington Post)

After Travel Alert for Europe, American Colleges With Students There Are Wary They've passed along the State Department's caution about possible terrorist attacks and fielded questions from anxious family members. (

College Sports Programs Should Protect Transgender Athletes, Report Says A new report from the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Women’s Sports Foundation calls on collegiate sports programs to adopt a uniform policy that bans discrimination against transgender athletes. Such a policy would replace the patchwork of state laws that currently protect transgender students from discrimination. (

Missouri Campuses Are Asked to Account for 'Low-Producing' Degree Programs The Missouri Department of Higher Education has given the state’s public colleges and universities an October 21 deadline to explain what they will do with programs that produce few graduates. (

British Universities and Businesses Are Forming Stronger Research Ties As collaborations between higher education and industry become more common, programs and incentives are needed to foster this activity, a new report finds. (

Families can better afford college if they strategize early Many don't save enough if at all, a survey finds. Taking AP tests and applying to community college can help students cut back on costs. (USA Today)

Virginia fight over climate documents will continue The University of Virginia and an embattled climate scientist said Monday that it would continue to fight state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II's efforts to obtain documents related to a climate scientist's work, just hours after Cuccinelli reissued a civil subpoena for the papers. (

A For-Profit Institution Sues a Public-College President, Alleging a Smear Campaign In a further sign of the heightened tensions over proposed new federal regulations on for-profit colleges, Keiser University, a Florida-based for-profit, has sued a public-college president there, accusing him and a top administrator of smearing Keiser by communicating derogatory comments about the for-profit education industry to investors and others via e-mail. (