Notes in the Margins: Four Loko, endowments and biofuel

To Protect Academic Freedom, Look Beyond the First Amendment Faculty academic freedom has always been more firmly rooted in professional norms than in legal decisions. (

For Exposure, Universities Put Courses on the Web Until recently, if you wanted to take Professor Rebecca Henderson’s course in advanced business strategy, you needed to be a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For the past two years, though, anyone with an Internet connection can follow Ms. Henderson’s lectures online, where the lecture notes and course assignments are available free through M.I.T. OpenCourseWare. Why give away something with such a high market value? (The New York Times)

Colleges Sound Warning On Four Loko Packing several drinks’ worth of alcohol and a jolt of caffeine into a single container, Four Loko is a potent and increasingly popular brew, known on college campuses as “blackout in a can.’’ (

Smallest College Endowments Perform Best, Study Finds Smaller endowments tend to be invested more than larger ones in traditional assets such as domestic equities and fixed income. (

Internet2′s New Leader Outlines Vision for Superfast Education Networks Universities need superfast computer networks now more than ever—to connect to global satellite campuses, to participate in international research, and to build better ties with communities near their campuses by providing broadband access—but a slew of financial and cultural obstacles stand in the way of their development. (

College Collaborates to Produce Biofuel Crops, Training for Emerging Industry Anoka-Ramsey Community College has joined forces with Biodiesel firms McGyan Biodiesel, SarTec and Ever Cat Fuels to produce a 10-acre energy crop demonstration site at the college’s Cambridge Campus, for the production of crops to be processed into biodiesel fuel. In addition, new training programs are being developed for current and potential employees to enter the emerging field of biofuels. (

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