Art Hounds: Autistic License, The 39 Steps and hues of blue

A play that delves into the rigors and rewards of raising a child with autism, a photographer who makes eerie collages that look like blueprints, and a Hitchcock spoof at the Guthrie are all grabbing the hounds attention this week.

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Jane Strauss is a photographer with an intimate understanding of autism. Jane and her partner have Asperger's Syndrome, as do four of their children. Her 13-year-old son is autistic. So she's very anxious to see local playwright Stacey Dinner-Levin's play about a family with an autistic child called "Autistic License." It's at Gremlin Theatre in St. Paul through Nov. 15.

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Wendy Knox may make a citizen's arrest when she goes to the Guthrie to see "The 39 Steps." She says two of the play's stars, Jim Lichscheidl and Luverne Seifert, shouldn't be allowed to be on the same stage in a furiously paced comedy that requires them to be in drag and make dozens of costume changes. Why? Because of the mayhem that will result. "The 39 Steps" is a spoof of the whodunnit Hitchcock film classic of the same name. It runs through Dec. 19th.

Megan Vossler has become an admirer of photographer Sean Smuda's work. Megan, a visual artist who teaches at MCAD and Macalester College, took in Smuda's "Blueprint Series" on the exposed brick walls of 801 Lofts in Minneapolis. The 3x4.5 foot photographic collages depicting surreal, post-industrial landscapes and objects, resemble blueprints in shades of gray and blue. The show is up in the 801 Lofts' three story atrium until Feb. 11.

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