Notes in the Margins: Italian, Muslim swimmers and the Senior 18

U research facility seeks relocation When Central Corridor light-rail construction begins on Washington Avenue next spring, a research facility located barely 30 feet away in Nils Hasselmo Hall faces serious consequences. (

College Board to revive its AP test in Italian The College Board announced on Wednesday the revival of the Advanced Placement test in Italian, setting the stage for a renaissance in the study of the language of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci in U.S. high schools. (

College Seniors Less Active Than Freshman Forget the freshman 15. Weight gain during the first year of college may be the least of it — the likelihood of packing on pounds increases as students ascend to seniority, according to a new study. (

Muslim students' female-only swim at GWU makes waves At the request of the university's Muslim Students' Association, George Washington began offering a once-weekly, female-only swim hour in March. But it only recently turned into an online debate over issues of religious and sexual discrimination and — though not always explicitly — racism, spurred by an article in the student newspaper, The GW Hatchet. (USA Today)

College date centers becoming greener Out of 152 college tech leaders surveyed by the technology company, 74 percent said their institutions are developing programs to routinely monitor and reduce the amount of energy consumed by their data centers. The previous year, only about half that number— 36 percent—responded in the same way. (

Want Students to Perform Well? Perhaps Give Them Money for Doing Just That As colleges search for ways to improve student outcomes, a new study shows that using financial aid more strategically could be one approach. Researchers examined a program at three Ohio community colleges that gave low-income parents scholarships based on their performance—and they saw some encouraging results. (

Borders Forms Partnership With Textbook-Rental Company Chegg, the large textbook-rental company, has announced that it will have a place on Borders Textbook Marketplace, the national bookstore chain’s textbook site. (

Waymon Hudson: Wedding Announcement Gets Lesbian Fired From Illinois Catholic University Benedictine University administrator Laine Tadlock, who was director of the education program at Benedictine, was forced from her job from the Catholic university in Springfield, Illinois after a local paper, The State Journal-Register, published her wedding announcement to her partner Kae Helstrom in Iowa. (Huffington Post)

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