MPR news photos of the year: Part 2

ATV in mud bog
1 ATV in mud bog 
Washing feet before prayer
2 Washing feet before prayer 
Children gather
3 Children gather 
Working on ship
4 Working on ship 
Leading horse
5 Leading horse 
Hakimo Isse
6 Hakimo Isse 
Reid and Payton
7 Reid and Payton 
Funeral for Christopher Dewey
8 Funeral for Christopher Dewey 
Driking from the Cup
9 Driking from the Cup 
Citizens naturalized at Landmark Center
10 Citizens naturalized at Landmark Center 
Catching a morning nap
11 Catching a morning nap 
Threshing machine
12 Threshing machine 
Nearby wildlife
13 Nearby wildlife 
Flooding in Owatonna
14 Flooding in Owatonna 
Mayor Al VanDeWalker
15 Mayor Al VanDeWalker