MSU Moorhead closes center for at-risk students

In what appears to be an abrupt change of course -- one that has some students crying foul -- Minnesota State University Moorhead has announced it's closing Corrick Center, its facility for at-risk students.

Yesterday's announcement comes just a month after administrators said they were moving the center to another part of campus as part of some changes to improve its performance. A task force had recommended a number of reforms to boost its comparatively low graduation rates.

The Advocate student paper wrote that students were stunned when they heard the news, because officials had just said they would reform the center -- not close it.

Corrick Center student Patrick Richard said:

“We were lied to. They said they weren’t gonna shut it down, that they were gonna revise it, and now they shut it down.”

Denise Gorsline, dean of the university college said in the Forum that new information popped up after that, and officials were compelled to change their minds.

Corrick Center student and mentor Sara Fritz told the paper she thought the situation was handled unprofessionally.

(Note: The original links to the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead articles don't work anymore, because the articles are now behind a pay wall. Here are two Advocate stories -- on the center itself as well as the task force and the graduation-rate issue.)

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