Art Hounds: Where the magic happens

Our Art Hounds are, quite simply, awesome. They are writers, artists, performers, illustrators, dancers, thinkers, bon vivants. In fact, we think they're kind of magical.

So we've been asking them to share photos with us that capture some of that magic and give us a peek behind the scenes of their art-making.

Here's our first magical mystery tour! (One magic reference too many? Sorry.)

Billie Jo Konze takes us into the dressing rooms at Lyric Arts Theater of Anoka's fall production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She writes, "This is all of our cast pre-show surrounded by all the random stuff you find in a dressing room--flowers, makeup, clothes, etc. We had a big cast, so the dressing room was a big mess."

Here's a look at Claudia Poser's studio in the Northrup King Building as she makes a terra cotta wall sculpture.

Before you keep reading ...

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This is composer Scott Miller's studio. But what he really wants us to notice is that little black box to the right of his laptop. That's Symbolic Sound's Paca. "In terms of the magic that happens in my studio, it is the alchemist's crucible of sound design and interactive music programming, the digital signal processor that runs Kyma software."

Keep an eye out for more glimpses of where the magic happens soon. But until then, send us yours!