Quick overview and impressions of the MnSCU candidates' interviews

Here's the day's take on the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities chancellor candidate interviews by MPR's Tim Post, who was at the morning interviews with me yesterday. (You can read his story and listen to the audio there.)

Before you click on that, though, I thought I'd give my own initial impressions of the candidates:

William Sederburg, Utah’s commissioner of higher education, has an executive air: Big talker, very comfortable -- even casual -- in his interviews, a man who talks in concrete terms, and often refers to his past experience and interest in gaining the support of the business community.

Steven Rosenstone, vice president for scholarly and cultural affairs at the University of Minnesota, plays more to the professor: quieter, more reserved, with a greater tendency to speak in broader terms and focus on educational attainment.

Two different personalities, each with potentially a different focus.

Before you keep reading ...

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