Student group opposes voter-ID bills

This past election saw some University of Minnesota students complaining that overly restrictive documentation requirements and lack of time off from class kept a number of them from voting.

Now a student group is opposing two state bills that would require non-expiring voter ID cards (with photos) for residents who do not have a valid state driver’s license at election time. Under both bills, students who use their parents' address on their IDs could not vote at campus polling places.

The Minnesota Daily reports:

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"It would definitely disenfranchise students," Democracy Matters President Tenzin Pelkyi said. "Voter fraud is a serious issue, but it’s been blown out of proportion and is one that doesn’t really exist on a level that the Republicans are claiming."

Pelkyi said the photo ID requirement would be an "added burden" on students and would most definitely bring down poll numbers.

Mike Dean of Common Cause Minnesota goes further in the article:

Dean ... said the bill is an attempt to keep students from voting. He said it will take away from citizens’ voting rights.

"This bill just creates so many hoops that young people have to go through in order to vote," he said.