Weekend Outlook: digging out


So it might be a little chilly, (even Egyptian gods have to deal with the snow,) but the shoveling should just be detail work now: the squaring of edges, and the salting of ice-patches. Time to get out and drench yourself in culture.

Over at the Southern Theater James Sewell Ballet presents "Ballet Works Project" tonight through Sunday. It's an evening of world premiers including pieces by Afro-modern hip-hop artist Kenna Cottman, James Sewell company member Chris Hannon, SAGE award winner Judith Howard and movement maverick Patrick Corbin. There will also be a new solo work by James Sewell.

And of course there is also "Proximity" offered tonight only at the Bell Museum at the U of M with Olive Bieringa.

As ever there is lots of interesting theater busting out all over. Elemental Ensemble is presenting the world premier of "Journey" a play based on the medieval Islamic work Hayy ibn Yaqzan which is considered a masterpiece of Arabic literature. The production description puts it this way: Written in the 12th century by Ibn Tufayl, an Andalusian Muslim philosopher and physician, it is the story of the parentless boy Hayy, who is raised in the wild by a gazelle. The death of his gazelle mother sends Hayy on a voyage of scientific inquiry and self-discovery. It is the first Arabic novel, the first philosophical novel, and the first work of science fiction.

After a run at the Rarig Center this weekend it then moves to the Children's Theater next week.

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And Teatro del Pueblo's 10th annual Political Theater Festival continues with ¡Gaytino! i Dan Guerrero's autobiographical, one-man show about his Chicano and gay identities. It runs Friday through Sunday at the Gremlin Theater in St Paul.

Sunday night is of course the Oscars, and there will be parties large and small all over the place (cynical me believes it is like Christmas Eve, New Year's eve and Superbowl Sunday, one of the great days to go out to a movie.) No matter where you are going, remember to follow @cubecritics on Twitter as Stephanie Curtis and I grumble our way through the telecast.

Kind of still in the weekend, depending on how you define it, is a fun night at the McNally Smith School of Music which is in the midst of it's 25th anniversary celebration will present members of the guitar and vocal faculty performing the Jimi Hendrix album "Are You Experienced?" in it's entirety.

So what are you doing this weekend?