House plan calls for tuition maximums

Just a note on something that wasn't on the House higher-ed budget breakdown released last week:

The budget contains a MnSCU tuition cap of 2 percent per year for two-year colleges and 4 percent per year at four-year universities.

It calculates the cap differently for the University of Minnesota, stating:

"... Increases in tuition revenue attributable to students enrolled in the University of Minnesota must not increase by more than $76,290,000."

I'm trying to work out what that would mean in terms of a percentage cap.

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In any case, the MnSCU caps seem in line with, if not lower than, the 3-5 percent cap that MnSCU student leaders have been asking for in the past few weeks.

Travis Johnsonn head of th

(Thanks to the association for pointing this out.)

You can read the original document here. The tuition caps start on lines 6.34 and 9.17.