Dayton pushes $1B bonding bill at labor rally

Gov. Mark Dayton highlighted his proposal for a $1 billion bonding bill Tuesday to members of one of the labor groups that would benefit from the public construction projects.

During a State Capitol rally, Dayton told the International Union of Operating Engineers that a big bonding bill could put up to 28,000 people to work. Republican leaders have largely ignored the proposal, but the DFL governor said during a speech at the Capitol rally that it would help a construction sector that's struggling with high unemployment.

"Why has that legislation not already been passed three months after the Legislature took office, two months after I proposed the bill?" Dayton said.

Dayton proposed about $500 million in projects, and wants the Legislature to select additional projects to make up the second half of the final bill.

Dayton also made a pitch for what he describes as a "people's stadium" to replace the Metrodome. He suggested that surcharges on tickets, souvenirs and food and beverages could pay off the bonds used to build a stadium.

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