MSU Moorhead overhauling admissions for weaker students

Dean Denise Gorsline of MSU-Moorhead explains how the university has revamped its admissions process with the closure of the Corrick Center for at-risk students:

“I think the goals are similar, it’s just a very different model. In the past, if a student did not meet (automatic admissions standards,) they could be admitted through the Corrick Center. We are admitting (fewer) students with lower ACT scores and lower grades than we did in the past, but we’re providing more services to them while they’re still integrated on campus. So they’re not separate, and we think that’ll be a positive for the students who have been individually reviewed.”

The Advocate student paper says the university is allowing those students to take no more than 15 credits their first semester, requiring them to take a two-credit study skills class, and having them meet more frequently with their advisers.

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