Notes in the Margins: Scotland, social media and rating teacher colleges

Social Media in the M.B.A. Classroom Elite business schools are weaving social media instruction into their curricula. (U.S. News & World Report)

Teacher colleges balk at being rated A controversial review of America's teacher colleges has met resistance in Wisconsin, where education school leaders in the public and private sector say they will not voluntarily participate. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Tangled in an endless web of distractions Some MIT professors are urging college leaders across the country to free students from their tether to technology. (The Boston Globe)

College programs address suicide and 'send silence packing' Send Silence Packing is an in-your-face, on-campus program to start a student dialogue about suicide, the second-leading cause of death among college students. (USA Today)

Scotland Wrestles With Question of Tuition Fees When the Scottish Parliament came into existence in 1999, the abolition of tuition fees was one of its first acts. The issue has been a subject of intense political debate ever since. (The New York Times)

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