Notes in the Margins: Civility, reciprocity and a flight to private schools

Democrats object to changes to tuition reciprocity with Minnesota Four Democrats on the state's budget committee raised objections to proposed changes to Wisconsin's tuition reciprocity program with Minnesota. (Wisconsin State Journal)

State cutbacks send may to private colleges A growing number of students are so frustrated by cutbacks at public campuses that they are flocking in record numbers to California's small private schools despite facing higher tuition and the potential for years of debt. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Harvard Law faces Title IX inquiry The civil rights division of the US Department of Education is investigating Harvard Law School after a Boston lawyer filed a complaint with the agency alleging that school policies regarding response to sexual assault allegations violate Title IX rules against discrimination on campuses. (The Boston Globe)

Civility problems cause uproar on college campuses On college campuses nationwide, civility has become the mantra. Schools are searching for ways to deal with questionable behavior. (USA Today)

The unfortunate $1 million community college contest There is little, it seems, that the Obama administration won’t turn into a contest for cash, at least when it comes to public education. Now it has helped kick off a new competition, pitting community colleges against each other for $1 million. (The Washington Post)

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