Notes in the Margins: Wisconsin, underemployment and Nebraska's ouster

40 Percent Of College Grads End Up Settling For Jobs That Don't Require A Degree College grads who come up short on opportunities in their fields of study and end up taking a survival job, such as a bartender, server or other low-skill position, are referred to as "underemployed" or "mal-employed." ( via University Business)

American Universities Group Votes to Expel Nebraska For the first time in its 111-year history, an organization made up of the nation’s leading research universities has voted to oust one of its members, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. (The New York Times)

Columnist: Higher Education Bubble Will Burst Something has to give in this era of continually escalating college prices, college insiders say. (U.S. News & World Report)

Universities fight public health problem: Binge drinking The fight against dangerous drinking starts at open houses with prospective students and their parents. The message: Despite what you might have heard, this is not a party school. The message is repeated at freshmen orientation and when incoming students take an online alcohol education class. If that doesn’t get through to them, then students might learn the hard way when police actively break up off-campus parties and administrators notify parents of nearly all alcohol-related infractions. (The Washington Post)

UW's Faculty Senate Votes In Favor Of UW System Split UW-Madison's faculty senate voted Monday to support public authority status for the university, a controversial budget proposal that would split the flagship university from the rest of the University of Wisconsin System. (Wisconsin State Journal via University Business)

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