Daily: Bruininks' legislative efforts too little, too late

Just as MnSCU Chancellor James McCormick has been hit by a newspaper editorial on his way out, so has University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks -- but he's got the student paper after him.

The Minnesota Daily says he accepted years of tuition cuts too readily, and that his recent “I’m hot as hell about it … we’re really taking it in the neck" quote about the higher-ed bill is too little, too late:

In previous years, Bruininks indicated he disapproved of cuts, but never put up much of a fight. In January 2010, he rolled over to former Gov. Tim Pawlenty after the governor proposed $36 million in cuts to the University. Meanwhile, University CFO Richard Pfutzenreuter touts his ability to “reposition” the University for “new fiscal realities.” Preparing for possible cuts is appropriate, but passively accepting those cuts as inevitable is not.

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