Notes in the Margins: Diversity, MBAs and managing stats

The New MBAs Who Are Changing The Definition Of Leadership If someone were to ask which countries in the world have more women than men preparing for their MBA by taking the Graduate Management Admissions Test, you might guess the U.S. or Sweden or even Iceland. You’d be wrong – in fact, more women than men are taking the GMAT in China, Russia, Vietnam and Thailand. (Forbes)

Skip senior year, go right to college -- or not? Qualifying Indiana juniors can get a head start on goals, but some say last year of high school is important (Indianapolis Star via University Business)

A Plea to Elite Colleges for Socioeconomic Diversity "Despite progress on diversity,'' David Leonhardt writes in Wednesday's Times, "campuses tilt to the affluent." (The New York Times)

How For-Profit Colleges Aggressively Manage Statistics In an effort to maintain access to lucrative federal student aid dollars, some for-profit colleges have used aggressive efforts to manage the statistics showing how many of their students default on federal loans, according to internal documents released at a Senate hearing Tuesday. (The Huffington Post)

Funding Source Opaque For Group Promoting University Transparency, Accountability It’s not entirely clear who’s funding a group that has been targeting Texas university professors in the name of transparency, accountability and efficiency. (The Washington Independent via University Business)

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