Dayton spokeswoman: MnSCU access not a done deal

Despite all the congratulations, it looks like Gov. Mark Dayton's agreement to allow MnSCU access to its state-held reserves must be approved by a court, Dayton spokeswoman Katharine Tinucci told MPR reporter Catharine Richert today.

Dayton’s petition to the court today includes a recommendation that MnSCU continue to operate because it has its own money. But Tinucci said it’s still up to the courts to decide whether Minnesota Management and Budget employees will be around to keep the cash flowing.

So is this an obstacle for MnSCU? How confident are officials there that it'll go through?

System spokeswoman Melinda Voss told me:

"The information we’ve gotten makes it pretty clear that we’ll be able to remain open. We wouldn't have (made the announcement) if we had not been confident it was going to work."

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